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Kids Nutrition in Educational Settings

Developing positive feelings towards nourishing food through creative and interactive play sessions for life long healthy habits

Fun and Play sessions with fruit and vegetables are thought out in such a way as to promote in young children a sense of wonder and happiness when it comes to how they feel about healthy food. By transforming the learning session in a playful, creative, fun game children develop positive feelings towards nourishing food without feeling pressured into eating healthy food.


The games are based on the shape and colour of fruit and vegetables and how they participate in the making of the human body. This is a very low cost option to create a solid emotional foundation for children to fall in love with fruit and vegetables from an early age. Why is it so low cost? Please find the reasons listed below:


- the sessions would be delivered by nursery/preschool/school staff after the initial training

- no specialist knowledge is necessary to deliver the sessions

- the fruit and veggies can be provided by parents as snack time fruit and veggies or can be part of the healthy snack budget

- the materials can just be printed off, laminated and reused


Please contact me for further information

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