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Registered Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, Dip NLC IHS


Culinary Nutrition Expert, ACN

Thriving busy mum of two on a mission to spread the message that lifelong wellbeing is within reach for all of us through inspired and joyful choices made every day – yes, that’s me!


You can thrive too when the choices you make are in alignment with your authentic self and make you feel truly happy. When you start to see the bigger picture you will understand that an overall healthy diet and lifestyle support your long term wellbeing, the most important foundation for a happy healthy long life.

After having two kids and working full time I found myself tired, easily irritable, unable to sleep well, having brain fog, being unhappy with my attitude and weight.

One day I sat down with myself and started crying when I realised that my reserves were spent, I was burnt out and could not be the


mum and the woman I wanted to be due to physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. I saw myself in mind’s eye evolving into a grumpy, pain-riddled, aged-before-her time mother unable to participate fully in her children’s lives and I decided to put a stop to that future.


I realised that even though I could not change the beginning of my story, I could change the ending. Some days were harder, and some days were easier, but in the end consistently making the right choices has brought me to my thriving self. It took years of researching on all fronts of nutrition and lifestyle to find my way to optimum wellbeing though.


Looking back I realised I could have saved myself a lot of stress and time by finding all the solutions in one place. This is the place I built here for you to share all my experience and knowledge.

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