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Get your energy back, and take control of your body and life

Get your spark back!

So you're tired, overwhelmed, and frustrated with your body and life. Everyone you speak to feels the same but you know deep down this is not how it's meant to be. Do you want to wake up every day feeling energised so you can fly through that pile of chores and still be smiling at the end of the day when the kids are asking you to join in yet another game? This IS possible - even though you are over 40 and the social media tells you feeling like your fabulous self is reserved for those decades younger. 


I hear you - you have had enough of being last on your daily list. I see you - you are unhappy with your body and lifestyle, and you've had enough of feeling alone and lost. I am here to meet you where you are stuck on your journey to find your happy self and get back in control of your body and life. 

My name is Daniela and I am a registered Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach. I help busy mums in their 40s take back control of their bodies and lives and learn how to put themselves first. As a result, my clients go from feeling like every day is a struggle with weight, lack of energy, lack of sleep and lack of time to getting to that happy place where they feel like themselves again! And when mum is happy, the whole family benefits.

We are fortunate to live in a world where our choices for food and lifestyle are limitless, and as much as that is a blessing it can also be overwhelming. I am here to filter out the noise and help you identify what makes and keeps you well and happy long term. 

I have been where you are now – low energy, poor sleep, stressed, unhappy with my weight. After having my second child, life became an endless circle of exhaustion and stress between full time work, home and childcare.



When my health was under serious threat I came to realise that I did not have to live that stressful life, I could make choices to be happy and thrive.

Here I am now, ready to share all I have learned both from my experience and my education as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, to start you on your journey to your happy, thriving self, a journey that is joyous and led by the choices you make. 
I can support you by exploring which nutrition and lifestyle changes are the right ones for you - using evidence based research I can guide you in the quest to improve your wellbeing naturally while enjoying the changes you are making so they become changes for life. 

Make today the day you start the exciting journey to find your thriving self.

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